Licensed Moneylenders In Singapore

Licensed Moneylenders In Singapore


That is the Parable of the Talents, Jesus’s teaching regarding money lending. Being one of the most reliable and friendly money lender in Singapore, you can have a peace of mind on our loan services. In the end, chances are a hard money loan is your best bet to secure a deal with a great profit margin. Under the Central Bank’s Consumer Code for Licensed Moneylenders you must get detailed information about the Licensed Money Lender Singapore loan in your lending agreement and your money lender must also tell you that the loan has a high cost.

There may be administrative fees, late fees and late interest fees in the event of violation of the loan terms and conditions. With a large company, that usually means I would have to wait weeks or months, but Money Lender was able to fix the issue within a couple of days.

Don’t feel surprised if you notice a big difference between the interest rate in banks and the interest rate in money lenders. We place our customers’ best interest at heart, and we strive to exceed all expectations to ensure world class client experience.

The other advantage is that of the competitive interest rates that the company offers for the customers. Money lenders are not governed by such regulations and hence they do whatever they want. This information provided is of a general guide only and does not represent individual licensed money lender listed in our directory.

Further, since the loan is renewed, the cap on the total amount recoverable by the money lenders (i.e. being twice the principle amount borrowed under the new rules) does not take into account the admin fee and interest paid under the previous loan. Our Personal Loans are designed and tailor-fitted to your needs as we offer flexible payment terms and fixed rate guarantee.